Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Here Little Fishy

Today was another awesome day in the good ole jungle of PNG. There is an amazing coral reef beach about 45 minutes from the mission base, so the staff decided to take a half day to relax and spend the morning and afternoon at this beach. I had never been snorkeling before, but everybody brought goggles, breathing tube thingys, and boogey boards so we could snorkel. Matthias (one of the team members from Germany) brought this spear gun that he made and went spear fishing! He caught a decent sized fish, brought it ashore, and cooked and ate it! It was so funny to watch him build a fire in the wet ground.

Despite Matthias and his awesome fish skills, the best part of my day was when I was out snorkeling and I spotted a blue star fish. My friend Amanda (who had been a life guard for 6 years, and is practically a fish in the water) swam down by the coral and got it for me. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen, and I brought it back to the base with me too :) Even though we were at a phenomenal beach the roads we had to take to get there never let me forget that I am living in a foreign country. Once we got off the main road and took the turn to go to the beach, the part gravel part concrete roads were filled with potholes that were filled with water. About 16 of us were in the back of a small dump truck type thing (it had lower sides so it felt like a regular truck, but the bed could be lifted and raised) and we were constantly being jostled around while Travis (the driver) was trying to find the smoothest route possible. I tell ya, you really get to know your neighbors when you are practically falling into their lap.

Well we have another language class in about an hour, and I got a couple of things to do before then, so I better get going!

Thanks everybody for the prayers and support.


P.S. God has already shown me so much in just this past week, please pray that I will be able to follow what he says with a willing heart. I have already seen many things I want to fix in my life when I get home, please pray that God will change my heart, and prepare me to follow through with those decisions (don't worry, it's nothing drastic:)). Ok, now I'm really going to go...bye!

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